As a SoCal Weekend Warrior, you make your own adventure when joining our one-day trips to the most amazing LA beaches and hot spots. For epic weekend adventures, no travel guide is needed. We drop you off to the place you choose from our destinations, and it is your showtime! 


You own the time

Explore everything at your own pace. Enjoy lunch with friends, or sunbathing, walking, shopping, etc. as much as you want. There is no one around to look impatiently and make you move to the next target from the visiting list.


Get full joy from all trip activities

Guided tours try to satisfy everyone from a group, so some travel choices will disappoint you. Make your own plans, choose only the places you are interested to visit. If something is not what you expected, move to the next activity! 


Choose your travel companions

If you want to have a fun trip, be selective with whom you travel! Guided tours mean a commitment to a group of people with whom you might have nothing in common. So, get your friends on the trip!


Not sure what to explore in LA? Check the suggestions we have for each of our destinations.