A SocCal Weekend warrior is expected to experience each beach destination from Los Angeles and Orange County before it gets down to the low F60s! Join our trips to the most amazing beaches, for a proper end of the summer!

Santa Monica Pier & Beach
Santa Monica Beach is quintessential California. It is sunshine, beach volleyball, surfing, walking around in parks or bike trailing. The most popular place around is Santa Monica Pier which offers food, novelty shops, and an amusement park.

Venice Beach
For a creative and artistic vibe hit Venice Beach. Stroll the boardwalk for loads of souvenir stores, arts & crafts vendors or henna and ink tattoo parlors. The street performers are always out waiting for the crowds!

Huntington beach
In love with surfing? This is the perfect beach for surfers, as Huntington is the Surf City! Are you in love, in general? Get an authentic romantic gondola ride in the middle of Huntington Beach.

Hermosa Beach
Enjoy quiet places from Hermosa beach for sunbathing or picking. Walk the pier, or go mural hunting, exploring the city excellent street art collection.

Manhattan Beach
This is another Californian mecca for sun, surf, and shopping. Many people that get here have a single pleasure: to take a stroll on The Strand, the beachside sidewalk of the city. Why? Because you can walk for miles and never run out of things to see or do.

Redondo beach
After a long walk on the U-shaped Redondo Beach Pier, you can go on the water. Rent a kayak or a paddleboard, or take a speedboat ride.

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