SoCal Weekend Warrior provides you most comfortable day trips, so that you spend high quality time with family and friends. Here are five things you could do together on the bus, to enhance the joy of the ride:

1. Scavenger Hunt
Prepare in advance! Write out a list of items to be observed on the road trip. You all get a copy of the list and whoever checks all of the items first wins the game

2. Mini board games
Travel Scrabble, Thirty Seconds, The Settlers of Catan are only some of the board games you could play on the bus. They have few pieces and are easy to set up.

3. Two truths and a lie
Tell three things about yourself – two true and one false. The guessing and laughing time begins! If you fool everyone, you score one point! Choose a funny theme for the game!

4. Who am I?
With some post-its and a pen, all your companions get a celebrity name stuck on their forehead. Then, you all have  20 “yes” or “no” questions to guess who you are.

5. Card games
Always carry a deck of cards with you and enjoy some competition, while playing spades, hearts, or rummy. Do not like the regular cards? Take Uno or Dobble cards on the bus with you!