The best time to go to the beach is here! If not summer, then when? Here is SoCal Weekend Warrior recipe for a relaxing summer day on one of the top beaches from Los Angeles area:

Leave the car at home
A UCLA study shows that 62% of Californians hit the sand and sun less, being stressed by the gamble of trying to find reasonably priced parking places. Take our bus trips to beaches from LA area, and focus on the exotic cocktails waiting for you!

Feel the breeze
Nothing better than feeling the ocean breeze and enjoying breakfast! Choose one of the numerous concept coffee shops and restaurants.

Take a long walk
Strolling the beach and gazing at the water is the ultimate de-stress activity. Add some stretching exercises.

Get the perfect tan
Enjoy the beach for some tan, while the temperature is still comfortable. Do not exaggerate with sunbathing!

Try the waves
Have fun at the surf competitions, watch how experts hit the waves. Or, get your first surfing lesson!

Discover the best eating places
Chat with the friendly locals. They are always happy to recommend the best fish tacos!

Hit the boardwalk
Stroll the old-school style boardwalks with cotton candy, souvenir shops, ice cream places, or arcade games.

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