Venice Beach

Venice Beach

About Venice Beach

The World famous Venice Beach Boardwalk is not to be missed. Stretching about one a half miles along the manicured sands of the Pacific Ocean, the boardwalk is a large part of what makes Venice unique. On the west side of the “walk” are hundreds of street vendors and performers. You can see everything from break-dancing to broken glass walking. Mimes to musicians, jugglers to jesters and everything in between make up the human landscape. You can have your fortune read, get a temporary tattoo or have your name written on a grain of rice. On the Eastside are the store fronts of the boardwalk. Here you will find every sort of t-shirt under the sun. There are tattoo and piercing stores, skate and surf shops, medical marijuana dispensaries and more. You can buy sun glasses, vaporizers, beer and shoes. This is all in addition to the large selection of restaurants, juice spots and bars. In summary, packed into its one and a half mile, the boardwalk has more diversity in demographics and retail then probably anywhere else in the world.

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What this trip includes

  • We pick you up from the Old Town Transit Center in San Diego
  • You ride to Venice in comfort and style in our tour bus
  • We drop you off in the heart of Venice Beach
  • We pick you up from Venice Beach that evening (our Host will give you the exact location when you arrive)
  • We drop you off at the Old Town Transit Center

What this trip doesn't include

  • You won't have access to the bus during the day
  • We don't dictate your day with tour guides. You can explore how you want!
  • We don't provide food or drinks for your day trip

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