LA traffic sucks. It’s the most congested city in the world. If you decide to find your way around, here’s how to ruin your trip.

  1. Spend a lot of time in the car. The city is widespread, so you could drive almost 50 miles without ever leaving the city. And those miles take longer than in any other big city in the world: drivers in LA spend 44 extra minutes in the car every day because of traffic. If you have already planned your trips to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Universal Studios or Venice Beach, try recalculating your enjoyable time to factor in that extra 45 minutes.
  2. Pay fees because of driving rules nobody gets. The city has lots of unique rules and customs that can be hard to understand, even by those used to driving in large US cities.
  3. Get lost. LA streets play peekaboo with tourists. Their names can suddenly change, then change back, or they can be interrupted by a large cemetery or a body of water.
  4. Spend too much on parking instead of cocktails. To add insult to injury, parking in LA costs an arm and a leg, and no popular places have decent prices for parking.

SoCal Weekend Warriors always choose stress-free vacations. Plan your trip with SoCal Weekend Warrior. Enjoy an epic adventure, and trust us to deal with the traffic in LA.