We know that an inevitable part of the life of military families is moving often. You have recently arrived in San Diego, your life is still in boxes, and you still did not get that car to freely explore the surroundings. SoCal Weekend Warrior is honored to drive your family to some fun, on the beaches of Los Angeles and Orange County.

Let the adventure start

Do not let the family’s excitement about exploring the new places to fade away! There are so many adventures to take and so many famous places to visit! For beginning, let’s take your family for one-day trips to top beaches from Los Angeles area, such as Santa Monica Pier & Beach, Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach, Huntington Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach.

Embrace the outdoor culture

You are all Californians, now! The good weather and spectacular nature draw people from California out of their home year round. Beaches are the favorite places for families. Also, they love the concept restaurants and coffee shops, and entertainment parks around them.

Get out in the sun

The move was stressful. Now, take the opportunity to bond with your family. One-day trips help to relax and reconnect. Those unpacked boxes can wait a little bit longer.

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