One day trip is the perfect way to explore Southern California. Be prepared for the trip, keep the fun going and make sure you do not forget any tiny thing at home that will ruin your day. Take your wallet and ID, and then check this list we prepared for you!


Food and drinks for your energy
  • Water: It is nice to have your own bottle with water, juice, soda or what you regularly drink.
  • Snacks: do not get grumpy from being hungry, just because food never appears when you want it.
For entertainment
  • A good book or an e-reader, for moments you want to be on your own.
  • A travel board game or deck of cards, for fun moments with group you travel with.
  • Your phone and an extra battery – you do not want to lose contact with your friends.
  • A camera, if you are into taking professional pictures or videos from your trip.
Helpful things
  • A hat and sunglasses for enjoyable walks in the sun;
  • Sun protection cream or lotion, especially if you plan to be outside a lot;
  • Light jacket for chilly mornings or windy evenings;
  • Any medicine you take or something for an unexpected headache that could stop you for enjoying the trip!
Going to the beaches? Do not forget your swimsuit and a towel!